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From Eric Frazier>
Subject Re: Building high load mod_perl/Mason servers
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2002 16:20:04 GMT

>For Acrobat Reader: Using 5.0 on WinXP I get no problems in the TOC, but I 
>had seen these problems earlier on some other box. Annoying. Furthermore, I 
>have the same problems as you for printing. It prints one page then stops. 
>I had been trying with Acrobat 4, which printed without problem.
>About Netscape: We haven't tested with that, stupid us :( Recent Mozilla 
>versiosn haven't had any trouble with the layout, but we haven't really 
>tested printing.

>Same problems with here.
>About the pictures: they arne't in the PDF anyway, it's only in the online 
>version (atleast that's how it appears here). Sorry about that.

>Yes, but what about the rest of the site?

BIG(like eazy read x 2) fonts for the site as a whole.  So it sounds like I
need to get a copy of mozilla :) 



>Per Einar Ellefsen
(250) 655 - 9513 (PST Time Zone)

"Inquiry is fatal to certainty." -- Will Durant 

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