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From allan <>
Subject revision-preview 777
Date Sun, 26 May 2002 14:53:27 GMT
hi all,

trying to get the last html/css pieces put together can you once again help
with these questions [shouldn't take long]


i have checked:

macintosh 9

IE 4.5     +1
IE 5.0     +1
NS 4.5     +1
NS 6.2     +1
NS 7.0pr1  +1
OPERA 5.0  +1

windows 98
IE 5.5     +1

i am mostly intersted in:

windows IE5
linux Konqueror

but of course any browser test is most welcome.

[if you notice any problems, then you might try

and see if the problems exist there as well]

because of various reports i need to know these things at this point:

1) does the light-blue "camel-line" at the top sit correctly [win/IE5
might render this 1px too high]?

2) are too much white-space anywhere in the search"-widget at the left? 
2b) does the select box or any of the form input elements look bizarre/bad?

3) do you have a horizontal scrollbar ?

4) does these at the top of the page right-align almost perfectly?
      prev|up|next widget

5) there are (deliberatly for testing) two top||prev|up|next widgets at
the bottom of the page [the top-image on the left side is part of this
widget in this context]. i need to know:

a) are they visually identical ? [probably the top-image is seated
completely left at the lower widget in konqueror]

b) does the prev|up|next-widget right-align correctly as far as you
can see?

6) is the blue "title-line" just below the title clearly more than 2px
high (like 10px)? [again this was/is a problem in Konqueror]

small notes:

* moved all styles from the form elements because mac ie4.5 cannot
render that correctly. on my system that hasn't caused problems elsewhere.

* re-arranged some code to get rid of nested tables

* narrowed the hr-rule (and <div>) at the footer-notes

thanks a lot

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