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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: New design revision from Allan
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 18:04:34 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> Allan is on move, so he has asked me to upload his new preview. This 
> time only a single page. Please help and have a look at this url:
> Allan needs to know only these things:

I've verified konqueror, NS4, mozilla and opera 6 on linux. Overall 
looks fine. I'll comment only on problems in reply to your questions.

> 1) does the page renders overall ok (ie, there should not be any obvious
> errors) ?


> 2) do you have a horizontal scrollbar ?


> 3) does these at the top of the page right-align almost perfectly?
>              camel-image
>      prev|up|next widget
>               title-line
>               pdf-widget

konqueror: the title-line is too wide. See snapshot2.png.

> 3b) is the right-margin at the top almost the same at the bottom widget?
>      prev|up|next widget

konqueror: the bottom navbar is messed up. See snapshot1.png.
opera6: a similar problems: See snapshot3.png.

> 4) the "camel-line", does it float correctly with the curve next to the 
> logo? (is it obviously floating in-correctly)
>  - (the reason i ask this question is because i experienced this on a 
> laptop win2000/IE5 where the camel-line instead of beeing 1px high in 
> fact was 2px high. i only see one way to solve that problem for that 
> particular set-up and that is by using a good old space-gif which would 
> be such a pity because we dont use them anywhere right now [at least not 
> on allan-May14. this i thought could have been solved by setting 
> display: none for the rule .smallbr, but then netscape don't display 
> anything at all [which i actually consider correct not to do :)].
> The bottomline of this is: should we use a space.gif to fix it or should 
> we ignore the fact that a certain computer/browser set-up render it 
> incorrectly)

looks perfect in all 4 browsers that I've tested.

> 6) pleae note if strange colours appear strange places - i have added 
> various colours in the stylesheet to be able to validate it 100%

looks fine.

> 7) please check the search box at the left - does it look ok with no 
> extra white space?

looks perfect.

Great work, Allan!

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