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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: small revision of allan-site
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 05:18:23 GMT
allan wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>small differences are basically just:
>>>* thinnner headerline [2px tall]
>>+1, but do we really need the sparkle?
> well no, i do like it a lot. maybe we can try to have it
> only on
> search-results-pages, that would ad a subtle attention to
> the action just performed by a search ;)

Once you get used to the sparkle it's not acting as an attention 
attraction any more.

On the second thought it looks like a wider under-title line makes the 
title more significant. Or may be finding a middle ground bettween the two?

>>>* diff download icons [much like the prev|up|next-widget just not so tall]
>>I like these, but wouldn't it be a good idea to have the rest of the
>>buttons of the same size? Or is it just fine?
> we could try same size overall.
> but the reason i made the download gifs smaller was because
> they took too much attention IMO if they were the same size
> as the nav widget just above

I understood that. May be it's a good idea to make the nav widgets 
smaller too! having similar sizes helps. I still think that 
pdf/src/prev/next are from the same family: they all fetch documents.

>>>* search box, working _all_ browsers (i hope)
>>>* menu-header-titles small again, back to 1.0em
>>not for me, see the snapshot. it's quite bad. I also don't like the
>>floating headers, they don't look slick (add too many horizontal lines,
>>because each thin gap looks like yet another line), see the same attachment.
> ok, dropping the floating headers and that search widget version.


> header-titles, are you saying we have to use a fixed size
> [like 14px] for these?

the stylesheet in the cvs is just fine, any reason for changing it?

>>>* different dst_html/index.html (simpler => less headaches)
> the qoute is just indented, justified and
> special tricks to float certain words like "mod_perl" which
> is almost impossible to get right or good in all browsers.
> the new colour was jonathan's suggestion, i like it very
> much [also on your screenshot]

ok, sounds good to me. Shouldn't the signature (--Lincoln Stein) be of 
the same color too?

>>>* and finally the konqureror browser should show the camel on the far
>>>right side now
>>Yes, but NS4 now doesn't. See the second snapshot.
> i dont believe it!


> ns4/mac and all other mac browsers are ok (what happens in
> ns4 if you remove the width:100% for the logobox-rule?)

then it spans fine.

>>Also overall in konqueror the site looks very bad. see shapshot10. And
>>the search widget doesn't get displayed at all!
> how does konqueror render the official preview of the site?

a bit better. The menu items look big and the search widget is weird. 
But better than the one in your last preview. see the snapshot.

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