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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: small revision of allan-site
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 06:05:07 GMT
allan juul wrote:
> hi!
> stas has uploaded for me a new revision of the url from may2 is here 
> [may7]:

Thanks Allan!

> small differences are basically just:
> * no apache feather

I think the apache feather will fit perfectly at the very bottom of the 
left column. Though it has to be the very bottom of the page, not just 
the left box. Which is impossible to accomplish :( (try moving the tail 
to the very bottom)

> * thinnner headerline [2px tall]

+1, but do we really need the sparkle?

> * diff download icons [much like the prev|up|next-widget just not so tall]

I like these, but wouldn't it be a good idea to have the rest of the 
buttons of the same size? Or is it just fine?

> * search box, working _all_ browsers (i hope)
> * menu-header-titles small again, back to 1.0em

not for me, see the snapshot. it's quite bad. I also don't like the 
floating headers, they don't look slick (add too many horizontal lines, 
because each thin gap looks like yet another line), see the same attachment.

> * search results, shuld be working
>  - look at actual results [no underline on links i hope]
>  - look at checkboxes indention level


> * different dst_html/index.html (simpler => less headaches)


> * and finally the konqureror browser should show the camel on the far 
> right side now

Yes, but NS4 now doesn't. See the second snapshot.

Also overall in konqueror the site looks very bad. see shapshot10. And 
the search widget doesn't get displayed at all!

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