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Subject IE5 problem with scrollbar
Date Wed, 15 May 2002 11:18:39 GMT

taking a thing at the time ... (the below is regarding the latest allan may14 

scrollbar on any (?) Windows OS, any IE5*.

if we don't position the rightbox relative a scrollbar will show up if we at 
the same time have an element like a table that has a width of 100%

possible solutions i can think of

1) enclosed 2 files.(slightly messy but im on windows so im excused) remove the 
whole navbottom and the footer out of the rightbox. the 
navwidget-table should be in no div at all and the footer in another relative 
div.just below this works 
on windows200/ie5.5 and win98/ie5. im not sure at all if it works in other 
browsers. please check!

2) completely remove the bottom navwidget

3) remove the top-link from the bottom-nav-widget and right-align the whole 
nav/widget table (we cannot specify a width of 100%)

4) use the current preview html. a minus to this is that the top-nav-widget 
will follow long content out of the window to the rightside (in some browsers)

5) others?


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