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From Per Einar Ellefsen <>
Subject Re: Sites running mod_perl changes
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 21:46:26 GMT
At 22:31 27.04.2002, Thomas Klausner wrote:
>On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 10:14:17PM +0200, Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
> > I made some changes to sites.html. I was wondering if you liked it like I
> > did it (add short bold text summarizing how that organization is using
> > mod_perl).
> >
> >
> > Tell me what you think (and Stas can go ahead and commit it if it's ok).
>It looks better than the old version, as it is more concise, but on the
>other hand there is too much bold text (name of project plus the author
>results to 4 or 5 bold word in a row (sometimes)).
>What about merging the info in this document with all those success stories?
>There are some redundanties already (e.g., and I like the design
>of the success stories (a list of links to a page for each story) better
>than the long row of sites/stories, seperated only by a paragraph (and some
>bold text, as in your new version). But if we merge (I'm feeling like some
>multinational exec, talking about mergers all the time ...), we should
>change the design and content of the success stories and remove all those
>email-specific stuff (fixed font, quoted mails..)
>I personally do not understand why one item is a success story and one a
>site running mod_perl ... Don't know about the rest of you, though...

Thanks a lot Thomas, that was one point I forgot to talk about.

Yes, I wanted to do that too, for the longer ones. However, some entries 
are too short to appear as success stories. I consider success stories to 
be some information about deployment, the results it gave, etc, as opposed 
to just a small entry about what the company does and that it just uses 

Per Einar Ellefsen

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