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From Per Einar Ellefsen <>
Subject RE: XHTML (was "W3C Standards")
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2002 10:17:14 GMT
At 12:10 15.04.2002, Jonathan M. Hollin wrote:
> >Agreed :) I'll try and help out too. XHTML is very
> >interesting, that's for
> >sure.
> >Maybe we could go with Strict: there is almost only CSS used
> >in this site,
> >although I'm not sure if XHTML allows things like align="right", etc.
>Well Strict is just that - Strict (very).  You can use aligns, if they
>are provided by CSS or within an embedded "style" tag.  Like our sites
>policy, XHTML (Strict) is all about seperating content from
>presentation.  Our site is mostly CSS driven, and the conversion should
>be relatively simple (even for strict).
>However, "Transitional" allows us to use tags that Strict won't - which
>I think is massively important for backward compatibility (ie: those
>browsers that don't support CSS).

I'm not so sure we need those "extra" tags. We already rely massively on 
CSS2, and any browser that doesn't support CSS will render the page 
incorectly anyway. We could test it with strict XHTML and see how it goes; 
if it doesn't work out, we try Transitional.

Per Einar Ellefsen

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