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From Per Einar Ellefsen <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] DocSet on Win32
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 11:52:31 GMT
At 09:23 03.04.2002, Stas Bekman wrote:
>Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
>  > - replaced call to `which` with a portable which function in
>  > DocSet::Util (taken from Apache::Build in modperl-2.0 and made to use
>  > the PATHEXT env variable on WinNT: I can re-submit this one into the
>  > modperl-2.0 tree if you think that'll be useful, it finds the specified
>  > file terminated by .exe, .bat, etc..
>Better yet release it on CPAN. I'm sure other people will find this very

Yes, I was thinking about that. I'll package it up. Any idea on how to get 
a CPAN ID quickly?

>simply adding \Q to the beginning of a regex is just fine, unless it has 
>to be run in the big loop, where doing quotemeta once is faster.

I of course noticed that *after* having added them all.

>  > - changed some things before calling URI in DocSet::Doc; it not, the
>  > directory name would be considered part of the host name and thus not
>  > tried to be opened. So I replaced \ with /, as that'll open the file
>  > correctly.
>Well, I may scratch the use of URI altogether. I've simply planned to be
>able to handle any URI as a source, but currently only file paths are
>used. For now your patch is fine.

URI might be useful if someone thinks my idea of adding Apache module 
documentation might be useful :) We could then fecth pod sources remotely 
from.... (fill the blank, I'm not so sure)

>  > I think that's it.
>  > For bin/build to work correctly, there must also be .bat versions of
>  > build and docset_build. I'm not sure about how to handle this in a
>  > general way, maybe the bat files should be integrated into CVS or
>  > something? I need some tips on that.
>How other cross-platform packages that install binaries handle this?

Well, the scripts from the DocSet distribution, html2ps and docset_build, 
get installed correctly into the Perl binary dir when make install is run.
However, no makefile is run when extracting the site repository from CVS, 
so we can't automate it. I think the best thing to do would be to simply 
add a line to the Readme:

To be able to run bin/build and bin/docset_build under Win32, you'll have 
to go through the following steps (being placed in the modperl-docs base 
  cd bin
  pl2bat build
  pl2bat docset_build

Now, being placed in your base directory, you can execute "bin\build" with 
any normal options. Make sure to redo the above steps if build or 
docset_build are changed in CVS.

(is makeindex used? If so you need to add makeindex each time).

>  > Furthermore, there was a problem with html2ps: it begins with a line
>  > : # Use Perl
>  > When converting it to .bat (as it is when it's installed into perl/bin),
>  > that colon is a problem. It should be removed.
>is this ok?
>eval 'exec perl -S $0 "$@"'
>   if $running_under_some_shell;

No problem. It never gets interpreted by the Win32 shell anyway, and Perl 
ignores it. So it can stay.

>  > For the PDF version, it all seems to have been build correctly, but
>  > after a loong wait (it takes a long time, even on a pretty decent
>  > computer here, but I guess that's normal),  I get the following errors:
>  > Invalid Parameter - \svs..ppm
>  > Output file write error --- out of disk space?
>  > Invalid Parameter - \sds..ppm
>  > Output file write error --- out of disk space?
>  > Invalid Parameter - \sr0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \sr0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \sr0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \sr0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \su0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \su0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \su0..ppm
>  > Invalid Parameter - \su0..ppm
>  >
>  > Does anyone know where this is coming from? I don't have the guts to try
>  > and debug it now. Please tell me if you know where it's coming from
>  > (DocSet or Ghostscript?)
>what's ppm? is it the perl package manager?
>what operations do you get these errors from? you should see it by 
>building in the verbose more (-v)

No, the Perl Package Manager shouldn't be involved here. This is during the 
PDF generation.
I'll try to look up where the error is coming from, but the problem is that 
the build takes an aweful lot of time, and has a tendency of crashing my 
computer if I don't follow slosely on what it's doing.

Per Einar Ellefsen

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