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From Per Einar Ellefsen <>
Subject Re: Link problems
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 05:16:15 GMT
At 04:24 03.04.2002, Stas Bekman wrote:
>Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
>>I understand. We should try to keep new features out of documentation 
>>that is distributed elsewhere (that means keeping it out of the 2.0 
>>user's guide for a while), but that we could use it in the general site 
>>pages (which includes the guide which will unlikely reside on user 
>>computers and even less likely reside there in source form).
>we cannot. the 2.0 documentation is about to take over the 1.0 documentation,
>most likely that you will need these features in 2.0 docs too.

Most likely, but I could still use it in 1.0 docs :)
Ok, I'll try and work without it. Do as best you can with pod-people to 
push the U<> construct, and we'll see how it goes.

Per Einar Ellefsen

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