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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: download
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:21:52 GMT
allan wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>>>and if we had further sources, like HTML or whatever the
>>>idea on
>>>down_ns4.gif would be to let further sources go downwards:
>>>                PDF
>>>               SRC
>>>               ETC
>>yup, that's good
> see enclosed.
>>>>Though having a visual distinction between SRC and PDF would help I
>>>>think. E.g. using a different color for the fg color?
>>>the actual letter-colour you mean?
>>or anything else, these icons are small and after using the site for a
>>while users should be able to download the source or pdf without reading
>>the letters on very similar buttons. Think of [prev|up|next], you brain
>>doesn't really reads the titles, it now knows that the left edge is
>>prev, right is next and the middle is up (at least mine doesn't). I'm
>>looking for the same "cognitive" pattern for the download buttons.
> ok i couldn't find a proper solution so i have used the
> font-color black which isn't so bad i think.
> enclosed is a gif doing the principle discussed above.

but the two images are similar, and you have to read them every time you 
have to choose which one to click on.

How about coloring the right edge in red and green for pdf and src 
respectively even if a very thin color line?

also we don't need 'html' just pdf and src.

> the header-line is thinner (3px) and i think it really suits
> the header making it more compact and obtaining visual
> whitespace at the same time ;)


> i have moved the menu a little bit down to float with the
> header. as a side-effect i imagine someone with an
> apache-feather in his hands could place it descritely below
> our logo and above the menu, centered.

+1 if it won't overload the logo corner. Now you have the feather on 
your hands (attached) :)

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