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From allan <>
Subject Re: titles all look the same [007 - suggestion]
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 09:22:57 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> My two main cons about using back-linking to the parent,
> is that there is no linking back to the child (and other children).
> so it's somewhat unballanced. I'm thinking about linking to the TOC
> instead, but we already decided not to have TOC for pages with only one
> item, so it won't work.

i agree that this linking is unballanced. on the other side,
if you open almost any of the files 1.0/guide there is bound
to be some naviagtion so i prefer to have unbalanced linking
simply because it's better than nothing. i don't suppose we
can find a proper solution for linking forward and backwards
anyway. a proper browser with a proper back-button will take
the user back to the child if he from that child clicked on
one of that child's parent-links. well, try it.

1) navigate to a nested child [position = level 3]
2) click on one of the parent links [position = level 1]
3) scroll any amount [position = level 1 + some]
4) hit the back-button [position = level 3]

> and yes, it'll add to the download time/size.

yes but also see below ...

> Also there is a problem with source HTML pages, since they are copied as
> is (well, almost).
> Therefore currently there is no way to add numbers to <h[1-4]>. We will
> need to change the
> HTML parser to identify these.
> So first we need to decide whether we want these numbers. Then implement
>   this feature in POD and HTML if decided to do that. Then spice up with
> images instead of text if decided to.
> patches to DocSet are welcome :)

i have enclosed an ugly hack for pod2html. i don't know
anything about oop so stay calm when you watch the code ;)
someone will have to do the cleanup as i am not qualified (:

but it does actually work (here)!
skipping the bullets completely.

this is the result:

level 1 = title of a page
level 2 = 1st sub_item
level 3 = 2nd sub_item etc.

- all levels that are larger than 1 will have one or more
digits next to its section-title.

- the digits are clickable apart from the currently active
level. for instrance: APACHE_SRC
	^ ^ ^	
	^ ^ ^	 ^ this is active
	^ ^ ^ these are clickable

- while doing this i also changed the <a name="*"></a>. this
now consists of these figures sepearted by underscores - the
reason for this is simply to save (quite a lot of) bytes. if
the counting is working correctly these <a name="*"></a>
should always be unique and therefore always work. example:

<h4><a href="#3">3</a>.<a href="#3_1">1</a>.<a
href="#3_1">1</a>.1<a name="3_1_1_1"></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;APACHE_SRC</h4>

- there will have to be changes also to toc_section but i'm
looking at it ....

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