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From allan <>
Subject Re: titles all look the same [007 - suggestion]
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 02:38:38 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> > but for consistency, should the title headers then also have
> > a preceding figure, like:
> > 1 mod_perl Installation
> I guess we could skip the first digit?

***[ enclosed 1 html file and 4 gifs - all very small ]***

here's another not-well-thought-through idea. please have in
mind that it's only on the sketch board - i don't want
to spend too much time on this if people don't like the idea.

save html-file (based on
dst_html/docs/1.0/guide/install.html) and images in a
directory and then open the html file.

it contain _both_ bullets and digits at the same time. it
skips the first (the parent) digit. it's based on the
prev|up|next images idea and colour-scheme

* advantages IMO:

- it's pretty clear that the bullets/digits contain some
action, meaning they contain a link in contrast with just
the numbers where a user _might_ mouseover on the numbers
but also _might not_ and thus never find out of this navigation-feature.

- it's also pretty clear that the blue bullets are clickable
and the white bullets are not and thus the white bullets are

- it spices up the page a little bit (maybe too much).

* disadvantages IMO:

- since the bullets/digits are seperate images font-quality
is worse than normal html.

- the implemenation will increase the html-code (kb)

- using images (though small) will increase download time

- if we want hovering it will have to be scripted

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