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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: modperl site status/road map
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 16:20:47 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 05:01 PM 04/02/02 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>>Jonathan M. Hollin wrote:
>>>Through all of this, I had forgotten that our new logo and buttons had
>>>been chosen through a democratic vote, and I realise that it is not my
>>>place to disregard that vote by modifying the winning logo and
>>>soliciting the development of a new button.  For all of this, I
>>>sincerely apologise.
> Jonathan, you did a great job.  There's no mod_perl constitution that binds
> web site designers to any specific design selected by a vote.  A vote was
> not required, but a nice thing to do.  And now we have a logo picked by a
> vote.
> Looking back, I think we should have just offered logos, because picking
> the images a la carte doesn't let the images follow a theme.  They don't
> have to all match, but my guess is that would be a better design if
> everything worked together.  But it will look fine regardless, although
> being consistent helps develop the mod_perl "brand."
> On the other hand, nobody is going to get confused about what mod_perl is
> just because there's different image themes.  mod_perl isn't a soft drink
> or a bag of cookies that someone shops for in their local market ("let's
> see, should we get the mod_perl, php, or java today?").

well said

>>I think it's OK to have a few buttons to choose from, for other sites
>>to link back to So we just need to create a new button
>>based on the winner design and then we have 3 buttons to choose from.
>>Regarding the logo issue, I think that the conclusion was that we must 
>>have the underscore in the logo. Otherwise we have a problem of
>>  modperl != mod_perl
> Stas, the logo doesn't need to compile. ;)
>>The vote was for the logo design, not the wording/spel?ing. Correct me 
>>if I'm wrong but I don't think that we break the rules if we 'fix' the 
>>name in the winner logo to match the product name, disregarding your 
>>likes or dislikes of this name.
> I think the vote was for the design, and that includes the letters and
> spelling.  Maybe the reason it won in part was because it didn't have the
> underscore?  There were designs without the underscore to pick from.  What
> if the winning design had been some cog and big initials MP? Couldn't
> really justify squeezing in the rest of the letters and calling it the same
> winning design.
> Someone posted a version of the winning logo with an underscore.  I didn't
> think that logo looked right.  It looked like the underscore was forced in.
> Since the logo was picked by a vote the first time, I think if the logo is
> changed we should do another vote, out of respect for those that voted the
> first time.  No, that's probably a bad idea.  That's like saying "a few of
> use were not happy with the results of the majority vote, so let's do
> another."  If you/we feel strongly that the logo needs an underscore, just
> make an the change.
> But, I think it's just fine the way it is, really.

I'm not arguing about the design and votes (where if I read you 
correctly you seem
to contradict yourself in the first part of your reply, where you say 
that the votes
aren't binding)

My only concern is that using 'modperl' in logo will lead to a situation 
where people
will start using 'modperl' as the product name. But the product name is 
like it ot not.

I do agree that the logo looks nicer without the underscore, but it's 
not so correct.
May be if don't use SVG in first place, we can draw the underscore to be 
much smaller,
but still an underscore, thus keeping the image tight and the logo correct.

Another possible reason for the logo with the underscore not looking 
right is the fact that _ is colored the same color as 'mod'. If we 
colour half of the _ the same color as 'mod' and the other half as 
'perl' it "may" look much better... just an idea.

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