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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: More content?
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 09:39:14 GMT
Per Einar Ellefsen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a suggestion: let's make the mod_perl website a place where a 
> user can get at all the documentation he could possibly want. Or atleast 
> most of it :)

If you didn't notice already, that's the plan :) it all should happen 
under docs/2.0/ which is where 99% of the effort should put on, since we 
have 99% of what mod_perl 1.x user may want to know already covered 
under docs/1.0.

But I suggest first that we concentrate on getting the new site released 

The content patches and new documents are on-going unrelated things to 
the design/skeleton issue.

Therefore I suggest not to get distructed until we get the design finalized.

I'm mainly concerned with making the existing content fit well into the 
new site (read: good descriptions, titles, etc), which should be done 
before the release, so people won't complain :) after that we will start 
working on creating new content, directly and indirectly related to 

> Our content is great: we have very complete documentation, tips, etc... 
> This is extremely good.
> But there are other things that might be interesting for a user, 
> especially documentation of the various Apache modules. I think it would 
> be possible for us to automate the integration of the man pages of all 
> CPAN-hosted modules into the site, a little like does, 
> but using our site-generation mechanism. This would give users the 
> feeling that they have everything they need available right on 
> This could also be extended to include Perl 
> documentation, so that there's a handy Perl reference available, 
> something which is always useful.
> Tell me what you think; I'm sure we could work this into our content 
> easily (adding a section: Apache:: modules)

shouldn't be a problems at all, this all can go to docs/[1-2].0/api

> Another issue: News & Articles.
> I know this should go to Take23, but Take23 has been somewhat dead 
> lately, and we need to liven it up.

yup, that's's role.

> First of all, a News/Announcements section for the mod_perl site would 
> be good, either on the main page or (probably better) on a separate 
> "News" page. We could have announcements of new mod_perl releases (which 
> don't usually get enough press), and maybe of module releases or just 
> new modules.

+1, we can start with a simple single page similar to Changes file, made 
as a shift register, where old items fall onto the floor pushed off by 
the new items.

> Next, aside all the interesting documentation we have, it might be good 
> to have some "feature articles": these should probably be on Take23 and 
> not on, but it's still nice to try and get a continuous 
> amount of articles that don't try to teach you mod_perl, but try and 
> show you the cool things you can do with mod_perl (a little like the 
> articles show off the cool things you can do with Perl).

We better link to the sites that have mod_perl articles. We already have 
a few links, but need to extend this. I definitely agree that more works 
is needed here.

> That's my opinion. I think that if we make the information available to 
> people, they'll be more impressed as they won't have to search 
> everywhere for what they're looking for. Tell me what you think about it.

Your thinking is great and there is a lot of things to do :)
But let's get some things done first...

Stas Bekman            JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker     mod_perl Guide --->

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