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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject RE: Current site crashes NS4
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 23:02:40 GMT
At 11:52 PM 04/29/02 +0100, Jonathan M. Hollin wrote:
>>Well, as I've seen before, it's not exactly easy to find 
>>what's causing NS4 to crash.
>Absolutely ridiculous.  All this time and effort wasted in an attempt to
>support a deprecated web browser client.  Statistically NS4 users number
>between 4% - 6% of our potential users
>So, why don't we do those users (and web-developers everywhere) a
>favour?  Use mod_rewrite (or similar) to detect NS4 and send them to a
>page that advises them to upgrade to a nice, new, shiny browser (with
>the relevant links).

I think that's a good suggestion.  I said from the beginning that we just
need to decide if we can ignore that 6% of people or not.  It's commonly
done on the internet.  That 6% is becoming expensive time wise.

The other option would be to try the @import trick and used a very scaled
down style sheet, as that seems to be what is causing the most of the
problems with NS4.  I'm just not sure what would be the minimum required.
But that's probably more work than is necessary.

It's too bad that after all these years the browsers on suck slightly less
then NS4. ;)

Bill Moseley

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