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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject RE: What is mod_perl
Date Sat, 20 Apr 2002 05:17:22 GMT
[oops, this was a hidden window for a few hours -- thought I sent it already]

At 11:20 PM 04/19/02 +0100, Jonathan M. Hollin wrote:
>Not too colourful at all.  I've proof read - below are my edits (note: I
>have only submitted the paragraphs that need changes - I'm not
>suggesting the removal of paragraphs not duplicated below) - (/me
>relishes the role "Editor in Chief")  :-)

I copied most in, but I couldn't see things you fixed.  I'll cvs ci, and
then work off cvs diff -u, ok?  Can you do that?  I'm not sure I fixed
everything you wanted fixed.

Yes, there's a lot of white space.  That's on purpose.  If we want to use
<dl> that's fine.  Still, it validates, and looks the way I intended, so
that seems like a win for once ;)  I've just had less luck with <dl>
(that's how I started today, and changed to the <blockqutoe>.

By the way:

I also intended to provide more>> links at the end of each section.  I was
thinking to the existing docs, but now I think I'd like to link to separate
pages that give simple code or configuration examples.  Linking right to
the guide might be overwhelming for someone that just wants to see an example.

A while back I thought it would be great if we could get someone to write
very short, simple, in a few lines, yet real examples that show just how
easy it is to do some of these things.  Randal, perhaps?  His examples are
often clever and useful and quite explanatory in a short amount of space.
Or Geoff, Paul, or Randy maybe, because I'm thinking of cookbook type of
examples.  Ten lines of code or less.

I know about the FAQs section, and that's great, but I'm thinking the
more>> would show stuff that would fit on one screen.  Something for first
time mod_perl people so they can see in briefly in code what we are
discussing,  then with links to the FAQs or docs for more info.

In other words, you read the About mod_perl (oh, What is mod_perl?), click
on more>> to see a quick example (and they think "Oh, that is easy.
Cool!"), click back and continue with the overview.

At the bottom of About I'd like to see a link to mod_perl in ten minutes or
some such thing.  Do we already have that?   Is it possible to just show a
linux download, build, create module, example?  I find it really useful to
see a cut-n-pasted session of all the steps without too much discussion,
even if my platform doesn't match up exactly.

Does anyone read my long emails?

Oh, BTW, I think the <h*> styles should be black, not gray.  If you look at
that About page you can see how the <h1> header, because it is lighter, is
not as much a header as just the <b> sections.  It recedes, as my friend says.

Bill Moseley

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