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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Updated Search
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 20:29:32 GMT
Ok, the search box is still over on the left.

If anyone complains, my wife ended up picking the design I just check in. ;).

I'm not thrilled by the search box.  The main thing I don't like is the
search button below the input field.  I much prefer the look of the search
box at with the button to the right of the input field:

But, I guess we have to worry about NS4 on linux.  There might be more than
Stas that has it installed.  One or two people perhaps. ;)

Since I can't make the search box look very nice, I still like the search
at the top of the page better.  But I agree that it doesn't belong on the
left side of the header.  I agree with my designer friend that there
shouldn't be anything on that left side below the title.

>From that design point of view, the [SRC][PDF] on the left side doesn't go
either (e.g. they get in the way of the flow, if you believe in that kind
of thing).  

I don't see that many people viewing with PDF, but it's possible.  I see
less people using [SRC] so I'd like that below, or if not below maybe not
reverse colors so it's not such a big eye catcher.  It "looks" bigger than
the navigation widgets.

[BTW - While testing I didn't have PDFs, and I had moved [SRC] to the right
(right before the nav widgets), so my designer friend (and wife) never saw
those on the left.  I actually forgot about that and when Allan objected to
the nav on the left side I thought it was because of the white-space issue
on the left, not the issue of the navigation lining up (which I see as less
important as people would get used to it that way).]

For the record: I still like the best to balance
everything.  But nobody else does, not even my wife. :(.

Bill Moseley

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