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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: Argh! (was Re: Search box at top)
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 04:15:47 GMT
At 11:44 AM 04/19/02 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>IMHO, it's hardly seen. I think we need a concept of a button. Can we 
>use a border which is thinner than what we have? Well, we cannot it's a 
>single px, but look at the prev button in the attachment I've used a 
>lighter shade of grey.
>I'm absolutely against removing the border on the [top] button, it gets 
>lost in the text and it must be outstanding.

Ok.  I think it's ok, but I can also see the concept of the [top] box, to
really show it's a button.  I think on some pages where the sections are
short and frequent the [Top] is too obvious.  Not a big issue.

>All in all, the navigation widgets are there for a reason, and if you 
>hide them  what's the point in having them in first place?

They still look like links to me.

BTW -- I don't remember if I commented on this, but anyone else notice how
the dark [SRC] looks bigger than the other buttons?  But if you resize
smaller and bring them closer together then you can see they are all the
same.  Interesting effect.

>> We tried moving the navigation and search above the title bar.  Didn't
>What if we move the title after the navigation?

Isn't that the same as moving the nav above the title? ;)

>You cannot put 'go' next to the input field, did you check NS4? it's 
>f**ked up.

Hum, I attached an NS4.0 image running on Windows.  It's different on Linux?

So of those three pages I listed, Stas, what's your choice now?
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