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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: Search box at top
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 15:15:26 GMT
At 01:43 PM 04/18/02 +0800, allan wrote:
>a) the prev|up|next navigation sits bad IMO on the left side
>in the sense i read from left to right. a user will normally
>go forward i reckon. 

But it puts [prev] to the far left, so when you read backwards it's the
correct flow.  

The point was if there's both the search box and the navigation on the top
of the page it looks worse with search on the left and nav right.

>a2) if we stick to this we need to fix the bottom as well

Fix what?  So they line up?  Again, the words flow off the right, so
navigation follows there.  I don't think it's a problem that they don't
align vertically.

      ssl;fjsd l;ksjf lkjls fl;fjslkfldsj
      sa;jkfslj sdlfjlskd jfsda;lfj sdlk
      alkj lsajflk jjsddjs;fkls lfjds sdl
                                    next >>

>b) introduing a submit button as image will, as we have
>seen, cause problems at least in one particular browser

bumby:/home/moseley# apt-get install one-particular-browser  
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package one-particular-browser

Can you provide more details?

>c) introducing styles to any form element will, as we have
>seen, cause problems at least in one particular browser

See above.

The styles were used to fix one particular browser.  NS4

>d) there was a reason we removed the seacrh from the topbar
>a couple of weeks ago

I know.  I can't remember it either.  

I think it was because it looked ugly on the left side of the top bar, the
form button was ugly and rendered differently in different browsers, and
the input field was huge on Netscape without using styles on the input form

Here's a few variations on the theme of the search box on the right side. (not that close)

A few of those I looked at used different style sheets for NS4.  Most I
looked at used styles for the form elements.

>i do like that the search at the top, but i prefer a decent
>looking search in the leftbar (which is also very common)
>instead of  this solution at the top. i think the recent topbar
>was way more "sharp", talking from the camel to the
>titlebar. if you take a look at the recent versions you will
>not notice that you are seeing "html", whereas the minute
>you introduce form elements right in your face it _looks_ ugly.

I agree.  See that was my thinking about the navigation widgets with the
line around them and some (Up, SRC) reverse.  The look like form elements,
and too top heavy and detracted from the content.  Obviously, that's opinion.

And is why I suggested the look of

It's not like people can't find the navigation in that example.  It's just

We are all going to have personal opinions, and favor things we worked on.
I like more white space, simple, plain text instead of buttons (e.g. simple
prev text instead of [prev] button).  But someone has to make a decision.
I don't really care which way.

Stas feels, I believe that the search box on the side-bar took up too much
space (I agree -- and maybe you can come up with something better).  Stas
also said that it makes more sense logically for the search to be with the
content (I don't really belive this, really, as I don't think the vast
majority of people see the page quite the same way we do -- they just see a
page that's designed like the other pages in the site).  People are going
to get confused.  I do think the site could use a tiny bit more color,
which is something people will see.  Don't want people to think mod_perl is
dull ;)

>> - I'm using px settings for the input and select styles.  Might need to fix
>> that.
>-1 for any styles on any form element - you are introducing
>more problems i think

I have three browses running on Windows and three on Linux (well
Galeon/mozilla are almost the same).  What browser do I need to install
that will show me the problems?

Bill Moseley

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