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From Thomas Klausner <>
Subject Rearanging some content ?
Date Sat, 27 Apr 2002 10:56:56 GMT

Before I start to shuffle the content around, I'd like to ask for your
opinion on the following issues:

What about splitting the Documentation into four sections:
* mod_perl 1.0
* mod_perl 2.0
* general docs
* offsite resources

Currently, the 1.0-guide contains a lot of general information that is still
valid under 2.0. I will now try to list all those sections, and where I
would put them:
* Perl Reference (docs/1.0/guide/perl.html)
  -> move to: general docs
* Apache::+ modules (docs/1.0/guide/modules.html)
  -> merge with The Apache/Perl Module List
* Getting Help and further learing (docs/1.0/guide/help.html)
  -> split up and
     - move getting help with.. to "Getting help" (help/index.html)
     - move mailinglist infos to mailing-lists
     - move links to various sites to Offsite Resources

After looking through the guide a little bit - with the knowledge that it
isn't a standalone product anymore - I'm starting to think that it might
even be better to break the guid up even more (althoug I don't know what
Stas thinks about totally rearanging his really great guide...).

e.g. there are a lot of very interesting sections (Performance tuning,
Issuing HTPP headers, Controlling & monitoring the Server, OS & Hardware,
Browser Bugs) that are more ore less mod_perl version indepentend. Some of
the infos are availible in some other versions in mod_perl FAQs, too (e.g.
Performace Tuning).

So what about breaking the whole doc-section down and rebuild it according
to the four main sections mentioned above?

There won't be "the guide" anymore after this, so I'm not really sure wheter
it is a good a idea or not...

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