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From "Jonathan M. Hollin" <>
Subject RE: grammar changes (and other validation)
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:19:24 GMT
>>Of course, the sites described on this page are not the only sites 
>>running mod_perl. Since mod_perl inserts it's name and version into 
>>Apache's Server header, we are able to see others based on 
>the netcraft 
>>survey results.

+1 - Well spotted Per.

<snip>list of sites that Netcraft didn't "read" mod_perl on...</snip>
>It might be running it behind a proxy.
>[snip: many sites *not* running mod_perl according to Netcraft]

I appreciate that.  I posted these hoping that those in the know would
enlighten me...  ;-)

>>Paragraph refering to MediMatch:  Netcraft report does not indicate 
>>mod_perl in use at this site.
>Aaaarrggghhhhh! Stop it! It makes it sound like there aren't 
>any mod_perl 
>sites out there! :)

I know.  But we both know that's not true.  We just have to find them.

>Maybe we should ask on the list for some more sites?

I believe this was done fairly recently on the mod_perl list...

Jonathan M. Hollin - WYPUG Co-ordinator

West Yorkshire Perl User Group

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