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From "Jonathan M. Hollin" <>
Subject RE: Current site crashes NS4
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 22:52:57 GMT
>Well, as I've seen before, it's not exactly easy to find 
>what's causing NS4 to crash.

Absolutely ridiculous.  All this time and effort wasted in an attempt to
support a deprecated web browser client.  Statistically NS4 users number
between 4% - 6% of our potential users (at the time of writing), as
indicated by  Yet, for some
reason, we've let this (let's be generous) 6% of users occupy such a
large percentage of our time.

Now I'm no project manager, but even I can see that this just doesn't
make sense - the priorities are all wrong.  I understand the desire to
have the site visible to all, regardless of platform.  I also understand
the complexities (and wasted resources) involved in creating an NS4
version of the site (I've done enough web-development in my time).

So, why don't we do those users (and web-developers everywhere) a
favour?  Use mod_rewrite (or similar) to detect NS4 and send them to a
page that advises them to upgrade to a nice, new, shiny browser (with
the relevant links).  Tell them quite clearly that we're not forcing
them to do so, but explain that the mod_perl website (and a huge
percentage of others) just plain sucks under NS4.  Then we can stop
wasting time and finally get our s/gorgeous/your favourite verb/ website

Just my personal opinion - vote/flame in the usual way.  :-)

Jonathan M. Hollin - WYPUG Co-ordinator

West Yorkshire Perl User Group

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