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From allan <>
Subject logo_top - blend - camel - curve
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:22:43 GMT
hi everyone,

please feedback on this mail, thanks.
i have taken the liberty to enclose a small tar archive
because my ftp client and my internet-connection is really poor.

the html file enclosed should run out of the box, meaning
that the concept should be visible in your browser (please
only look at the top area, i didn't enclose all the other
images as they are beside the point here) - the concept beeing
what i consider to be the best soloution all in all, in how
to integrate the new logo with our current design. it's in
fact so simple i can't believe we didn't think of it before
:). it blends the gray background color in the left area (of
the body background image) into the white at the top, so
that the new logo sits on a white background (which it
really should, partly because of the gray colour in the
wording "mod"). not only do i think it look like a good
solution, i think it looks pretty cool for a website.

so what i would like to know from you is the result of these:

$a = "do you like the idea of that concept?";
$b = ($a) ? (eval("is it rendering ok on any
browser/system?")) : (-2);

i have checked it in on macintosh, i get these:

$a = +2;
my @browser = qw(ns4, ns6.2, opera5, ie5, ie5.0);
foreach (@browser) {
  $b = +2;

please supply a screenshot if it does look terrible.

* feather debate
it would be cool somehow to integrate the apache feather in
the logo area. i thought maybe bend it with the curve
leading to the breadcrumb - i'm not capable of doing that.
anyone like to try?

it could also sit next to the camel, but that destroys the
nice simplicity of the came lout there i think.

otherwise, i think maybe we should just put the feather
below the ad-section (books). what do you people think?

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