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From allan <>
Subject Re: the latest design preview
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 03:51:34 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> Also, the css validator reports a number of issues -- I'm not sure how critical they

first of all, i am not an expert on css, so please do
correct me if i am wrong in some of the following outburst :)

has anyone experienced problems with this css-validator?
( i noticed their newest download wasn't available, i hope
it's because the current currently sucks :) )

some (all?) of the warnings our stylesheet are getting are
pathetic IMO.

this error is apparently because of the under_score, so we
can just rename it to "index-section"
Parse Error - index_section { font-family: helvetica, arial,
verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 1.0em; color: #000000; } 

this warning is theoretically somewhat acceptable
Line : 4 Level : 1 You have no background-color with your
color : body 

all other warnings are complaing about no background-color
or using the same background-color as another elements foreground-colour.
if we adjust our stylesheet to that, i dont think we then
will be using a _cascading_ style sheet, i mean if an
element like p cannot legally inherit the background-color
from another element, like body or td, without specifying
its own background-color then what's (almost) the point of
using css ? 

i tried to put a background-color in our body element to see
if that would help for the other warnings (maybe the
validator was intellegent enough to see that ok at least we
have a background-color in the body so hence _all_ other
elements should inherit that colour unless otherwise
specified and hence the validator should think that no
background-colors for other items was acceptable), but the
validator still reports all other missing background-colors etc.

i am evidently not used to use this validator, but getting a
warning about a nested element not using a background-color
when its parent _is_ using one sounds wrong to me.

also, i do remember that having used this validator a couple
of months ago for our design and we didn't get any
errors/warnings. it's hard to believe that we had specified
background-colors for every single element at that time.


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