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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: picky wording question
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 03:37:57 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 12:54 PM 03/25/02 -0600, James G Smith wrote:
>>If this has been resolved by past discussion on the list, please
>>ignore this email.
>>I am wondering about the wording of `Extraordinaire Technologie' in
>>the left navigation box.  I'm wondering if we don't want to say
>>something like `Technology Extraordinaire' instead.

That's the usability comments I was looking for :) Thanks Bill

> I think I commented on this before, but that menu item is a bit odd to me,
> as it doesn't seem to fit with the other short and direct menu items.  I
> just asked my wife (not that she's a geek), and she thought it was meant to
> be a little tongue-in-cheek like saying "Come see the `amazing' mod_perl
> and action!"  It could be a cultural thing where it has different meanings
> different places.  

It sure thing attracts attention and that's what we want :)

> You know here in the U.S. we really mess with the language.  If you say "oh
> ya, he's a REALLY good driver" means you probably don't want to ride in his
> car if you value your life.  And saying "he is one bad programmer" can mean
> he's really good.
> For that reason I think something simple like like "mod_perl in use" or
> "sites using mod_perl" might be safer.  I believe the purpose of that link
> it to show people that real sites are using mod_perl, and comments by users
> of mod_perl.
> If you want something more flamboyant then "mod_perl in action" or "empower
> your site", although I'm not clever enough to come up with a good slogan.

that's too boring ;) especially as you suggest below that we move the 
stats there, it gets harder to choose the title with a good 

> Drifting a bit now to more fine tuning...
> I also think the arrangement of the menu could be more helpful.  None of
> this really matters, especially to people that use the site more than a few
> times, but I still believe basic design should be for people that are new
> to mod_perl or people trying to learn about it.  

No, it's actually a good thing to work on.

> Thinking of it as a sales pitch to convince someone that it's a great
> technology.  So the menu should walk them through what they need to know.
> Something like:
>   About mod_perl  (or "What is mod_perl")
>          General overview of what mod_perl is.
>          Using "mod_perl" may be redundant, but my bet is that it's
>          good to repeat the name for branding reasons.

Since you are so interested in sales pitch, would you like to work on 
the ./about section, may be add a few pages there? Others to help Bill here?

>   FAQ    (pointer directly to docs/1.0/faqs/mod_perl_faq.html)
>          This faq starts out with some good overview questions

Nuh, all the docs in faqs are not maintained and all the info is in the 
guide. and it's coming first when you click on Docs so no problem here. 
Also remember that modperl 2.0 is coming out soon, so hardcoding links 
to the guide is bad idea. /docs is the new URL for the everybody to use.

>   Sites using mod_perl (Technologie Extraordinaire)
>          shows them right away some working sites using mod_perl
>   Download
>          Once they are hooked they need to download it!
>   Documentation
>          Once they download, well...
>   Mailing Lists
>          Once overwhelmed by the volume of docs they will need to
>          ask their question on the list
>   Getting Help (or Training was/or Support)
>   Contribute (or "Community")
>          Think community might be a more welcoming/friendly term?
>   Statistics 
>           I wonder if that shouldn't be part of the "Extraordinaire Tech"
>           page.

+1 on moving the stats in.

otherwise the menu reshuffle suggestion looks good to me. Unless anybody 
else has different opinions I'll change it Bill's way (well most of it)

> and so on.  Order isn't that critical, and one could argue that the site
> should be designed for people that use it all the time.  But experienced
> users will know where to go, where it might be nice to guide beginners
> through the site.
> I wonder if Mailing Lists and Support should not be one menu "Getting Help".  


> I also think it would be helpful to have a menu item that was a direct link
> to a mod_perl list search engine.  I know there's more than just that list
> (and me than one search engine), but I'd bet that is the most commonly
> searched list for general mod_perl questions.  I do that all the time:

yes, no, yes... there are various engines and different people prefer to 
use different ones. e.g. I like mathforum the best, but many times it's 
damn slow and unusable so I go to the think where 
we can add shortcuts for>lists->archives, e.g. the 

> The "Help" link at the bottom should be "Site Help", since it's not
> mod_perl help.  Should that link be located elsewhere, like at the bottom
> of each page, since it's not mod_perl related.


> The "Search" link doesn't really need to be there if there's a search box
> below.


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