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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: a couple of steps back
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 06:12:28 GMT
allan wrote:
> hello,
> i know this is a bit crazy coming up with now, but i just
> got carried away, and as always you can just -1 the idea and
> i'll forget about it again.
> i really like the new logo (with or without under_score) and
> i have tried to integrate it with our design. i found out
> why i like it so much - because it looks like a "proper"
> logo, even a brand.
> so while trying to integrate it i came up with this very
> basic idea that seems to work pretty ok with the design, IMHO:
> enclosed is two screenshots taken at a 800x600 resolution
> (please bear with me - the graphics inside is very quick and
> dirty but i guess you can follow the idea)
> 1) from opera, showing the logo in its normal position,
> followed by the breadcrumb followed by the camel (i missed
> it), everything underlined to distance the logo/breadcrumb
> area from the other content.
> 2) from nescape 4.75, showing the same but with a fake long
> breadcrumb to show that it will scale without destroying the underline
> so what you see is in fact html. it looks like it can be
> done (ie5 +1, ns6 +1).

I like it very much design-wise, very neat! As usual great work, Allan!

Can you please put it online so we can test with different browsers? 
(send it to me if you have a problem putting it online)

> i came up with something similar a while ago that people
> didn't seem to like, but that involved seprating our then
> current logo. the encloed screenshots have THE logo at the
> left and the independent camel on the right. we could of
> coure just leave the camel out or we could also even
> integrate the feather ...

hmm, to me it looks like this: camel is on the far way from modperl and 
we know that camel goes slowly, does it hint anything to you?

how about making a scene implying that the camel "follows" the feather,
leading to mod_perl? just an idea... but your idea is already looking
like a well thought out art.
I guess it's OK then that the logo doesn't have the camel/feather in it.

Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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