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From allan <>
Subject a couple of steps back
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2002 04:59:19 GMT

i know this is a bit crazy coming up with now, but i just
got carried away, and as always you can just -1 the idea and
i'll forget about it again.

i really like the new logo (with or without under_score) and
i have tried to integrate it with our design. i found out
why i like it so much - because it looks like a "proper"
logo, even a brand.

so while trying to integrate it i came up with this very
basic idea that seems to work pretty ok with the design, IMHO:

enclosed is two screenshots taken at a 800x600 resolution
(please bear with me - the graphics inside is very quick and
dirty but i guess you can follow the idea)

1) from opera, showing the logo in its normal position,
followed by the breadcrumb followed by the camel (i missed
it), everything underlined to distance the logo/breadcrumb
area from the other content.

2) from nescape 4.75, showing the same but with a fake long
breadcrumb to show that it will scale without destroying the underline

so what you see is in fact html. it looks like it can be
done (ie5 +1, ns6 +1).

i came up with something similar a while ago that people
didn't seem to like, but that involved seprating our then
current logo. the encloed screenshots have THE logo at the
left and the independent camel on the right. we could of
coure just leave the camel out or we could also even
integrate the feather ...

anyway, take a look and see what you think

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