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From allan <>
Subject Re: [pdf|src] widgets
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 03:25:12 GMT
hi stas etc.

Stas Bekman wrote:
> [CC'ing the list, since I need to raise a few issue to be decided ]
> to get pdfs you need to add -d flag, have you considered build -h ;)

yes, i know this option (-d), but i get
Can't exec "ps2pdf": No such file or directory at
/ajutest/a/modperl-docs/bin/../lib/DocSet/Doc/ line 26.
- what am i missing?

> > * because the input field in opera is quite big and seems
> > non-adjustable i think we should increase the height of all
> > the widgets to 22px including the download_link, but that we
> > can of course do later if we decide.
> well, from my testing on other linux browsers it's going to be a big
> pain. the height is different in konqueror. You cannot use absolute px
> in font size, you know that. I've attached a snapshot. I'm not talking
> about NS4, which is a mess as usual.

- how is it a mess, mine looks perfect?
- why can't i use absolute font-size (not that i have the desire)?
- btw, looking at the screenshot, i noticed the logo wasn't
centered. are you running latest code?

> I suggest to mix images with text, so we have a really fixed text of the
> same width as prev|next.
> But, how about putting the download sizes into the ALT tag? This way we
> solve the problem immediately and simply use the pure images.

actually i tried that here, but i didn't really like it as
it seemed unclear what pdf|src actually was doing there.
i like the idea of putting the sizes in the alt tag.
but i suggest that we stick to text and then text _exactly_
like this:
| Pdf 5.5K | Src 516B |

please note (i forgot to mention) that the code i sent used
a fixed width 70px of the two cells. if we can trim the
size-code so it says:
5.5K (or 5.5Kib) 
and not: 
5.5 Kib
we can skip the width all together so it should scale.

> So we have images of the same style for the search button, src/pdf and
> prev/next navigation.

i say go with (em'ed) text (apart from the search button)

maybe i missed something:
do we want the button to look like a system button or our
own design?
do we want the button to look like a button at all or could
it be looking just like plain clickable text?

> Also I'm considering to put the real 'next' and 'prev' and 'up' titles
> into the ALT tags, as in ALT="prev: developers guide", etc.


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