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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: search_look ... again
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 06:11:31 GMT
allan wrote:
> hi
> i have enclosed a gif which was done in html.
> the shot is from ie5.1 mac and looks really good in ns4 and
> opera* (havent checked ns6 but im pretty sure it looks ok)
> * actually it seems opera has a fixed height for text-fields
> so maybe all the widgets should have their height increased
> to about 22px instead of 20px, but i didn't want to go there
> before sending this mail.
> comments:
> - there is no submit button i know. the reason is that it
> would look bad inside the widget. besides theres no need for
> one. anyone who cannot find out to search the site will
> click on the menuitem help and learn how to press enter.

but most of the folks who responded, were -1 on not having the submit 

I definitely agree with you that your snapshot looks great! But we don't 
want usability to suffer.

If I'm not mistaken currently we have:

-1: Bill, Jonathan, Thomas
-0: Stas
+1: Allan

for not having the submit button.

> - there is no input type="image" because i _know_ (i
> think:)) that this will never _look_ good in a certain
> browser causing us many problems. besides there were some
> problems when hitting the enter-key.


> - there is also no js-focus(). i simply dont believe in it
> for our design. i think we are wasting our time on this.


> so basically i think this is the best compromise of all
> worlds. it works across browsers, it fits our design across
> browsers. it makes the "toolbar" consistent.

my only question is whether we should turn pdf and src labels into 
images to make sure that the same text font/size is used as in prev|next 
or simply to use text. mainly because the sizes cannot be part of the 
image, so it's good to have the size and the label (pfd|src) of the same 


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