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From allan <>
Subject search_look ... again
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 04:43:40 GMT

i have enclosed a gif which was done in html.
the shot is from ie5.1 mac and looks really good in ns4 and
opera* (havent checked ns6 but im pretty sure it looks ok)

* actually it seems opera has a fixed height for text-fields
so maybe all the widgets should have their height increased
to about 22px instead of 20px, but i didn't want to go there
before sending this mail.


- there is no submit button i know. the reason is that it
would look bad inside the widget. besides theres no need for
one. anyone who cannot find out to search the site will
click on the menuitem help and learn how to press enter.

- there is no input type="image" because i _know_ (i
think:)) that this will never _look_ good in a certain
browser causing us many problems. besides there were some
problems when hitting the enter-key.

- there is also no js-focus(). i simply dont believe in it
for our design. i think we are wasting our time on this.

so basically i think this is the best compromise of all
worlds. it works across browsers, it fits our design across
browsers. it makes the "toolbar" consistent.

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