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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject search box
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 14:25:56 GMT
I don't care about the javascript.  I go to google 20 or 30 times a day and
it's nice that I can just type and hit enter.  If I really cared, I'd just
add a google search box to my browser, I suppose, and save the trip to
google in the first place.  And I doubt having to click on the search box
will cause anyone any grief at the mod_perl site.

I do think it's a bit much to argue that because some javascript is bad all
javascript is bad - people that think that way can just turn off javascript
in their client.  I think we will find that the CSS stuff is probably less
supported than a simple focus() javascript bit.  But I would support a
pop-up window saying we are a pop-up window free site. 

I do think standard form buttons are a bit big and ugly.  If that search
box is going to be on the same line as the other widgets I agree it would
be nice to make it look the same.

Sorry if I missed something, but why not use <input type="image" ...>
submit button?  Wouldn't that make it possible to make the search form look
more like the other links on that same line?

There was also talk of having an option to limit the search to just that
area of the document tree, which I've implemented on the search page, but
we would need a way to pick the type of search on each page, too.  That
either means a checkbox, or a second submit button.  Might be able to use
two submit buttons as graphic images in a more attractive (less obtrusive)
way than a real check box and a real submit form button.

BTW -- is the larger fonts (and thus the wider search input field) on NS4
just a fact of life?  

Oh, I just resized in NS4 and see that the site still falls apart -- that
is all the text in the content section ends up in a single narrow long
column.  Was that decided that is also a fact of life?  Maybe a solution
there it so use javascript -- reload on resize?

Bill Moseley

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