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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: some patches
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 18:20:05 GMT
At 11:59 PM 03/04/02 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>OK, I've brought the submit button back. Though I've called it 'go' and 
>left the search title in front. The best of all worlds? Or is it still 
>bad. Looks horrible in NS4, but I gave up on this one.

How about just a button that says "search"?  I think whatever we do it
people will figure it out.  I think search and a go button is overkill.

>Tried that. but then it's not obvious that we have a button. I think if 
>we use a shorter submit button, like I've added it will not look too 

At least it is a button, unlike the word "search".

>> I have used javascript to place the cursor in the field before, and feel
>> like that is a reasonable thing to do, as it doesn't really change what
>> happens on the page if they don't have javascript enabled, and it means you
>> can just type and hit enter.
>do you really think it worth the risk of having js messing up someones 

Seems far more likely that CSS will mess up someone's browser ;).  As Wim
says, google uses it, and we all like google.

>Personally I'm used that most sites don't focus automatically, so I'm 
>clicking to focus anyway. Are you habits different?

On a page that has all hytertext and a single box, the focus is nice.  A
tiny problem is that if you hit enter it tries to search, when maybe you
didn't intend to search.

Depends on the site, and how you are using it.  For me, I would often times
go to, and do a search first thing, since I typically know
(or think I know) what I'm looking for.  So in that case it's nice not to
have to click in the box first.

Bill Moseley

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