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From "Jonathan M. Hollin" <>
Subject RE: some patches
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 09:39:00 GMT
:: As far as I know, a form-tag automatically adds some 
:: whitespace (like a <p>
:: tag) around it's content.

Yes it does.  I've noticed this behaviour too.

:: Another posibillity would be to define a style for form, 
:: specifing top-margin:0px But IMO that's to hackish and might 
:: brake some other stuff.

It shouldn't break anything if implemented properly.  But, does it
matter?  Remember: whitespace is GOOD.  :-)

:: > > so i am +1 for skipping all this js
:: > +1 on js-clean.
:: +1 (me too)

+1  I suppose.  But I don't think there's anything wrong with a little
JS here and there and errors can be suppressed with an "OnError"
handler.  I think it's wrong when your site *depends* on JS (for
navigation, etc).

:: > we need a new button: 'JS-free site' ;)
:: I once made a button "image free website" (I think it's 
:: displayed on my page), which I thought was rather funny, 
:: because the button itself /is/ an image, causing a paradoxon...


:: Maybe we should do a JS-Popup-Window containing the text 
:: "JS-free site" :-)

No m8.  Pop-under windows are the new THING.  Pop-ups are old hat.  ;-)
I'm awaiting the "pop-out and slap you around the face with a wet fish
ads" - these should be around in the next few weeks.

Jonathan M. Hollin - WYPUG Co-ordinator
West Yorkshire Perl User Group 

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