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From allan <>
Subject Re: local navigation
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2002 09:20:42 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

> Nope, because that implies that there are two functions. Every time you
> reverse colors in prev|up|next the link goes elsewhere. If you do the
> same for the top icon, people will think that the arrow-up is no the
> same as the word top.


> May be we should simply leave only the word 'top' or the arrow-up. In
> fact I think that to be consistent we should either add arrows to the
> prev|next widget or remove it from top. No?

i dont think so, but i definetely dont like an arrow up
inside of the prev-widget as this points to ... top :)

> > also as a sitenote, the space above & below should be
> > increased even further
> > (<br>x3 on both sides i think)
> why? to make a better separation? I agree with separation, but I really
> dislike the fact that the more <br>'s you add the more scrolling you
> need right away. On the opposite I'd prefer to see as much as possible
> content without scrolling at all. May be I can switch to the next page,
> without a need to look further down the page. That's why I've added <hr>
> to do the separation with minimal vertical space waste. But you
> disapproved it, so I've removed it.

we disagree on this so you can qoute me for this :)
"i'd rather scroll and rest my eyes on whitespace" 

> OK, how about changing the title widget not to carry a bg, but to make
> it outstanding in some other ways. And instead make the [search|
> download| prev|next] widget use a different bg color? In this case the
> separation will be clear and there will be no need for any <br>'s at all?

eh, i was mostly talking about whitespace around top-widget
(not prev-widget)

if we change the bg-color of the title i think we end up in
trouble with the breadcrumb.


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