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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: yet another site's version
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2002 02:06:33 GMT

>>   - start using the new bg image
> The image I supplied was a rather quick hack, I think there some pixels left
> of the dark blue line there is a light grey line. Or is it my LCD?
> And I guess a gif makes a better bg-image than I jpeg, the problem is only
> that my GIMP won't touch gif's (caused by Debian beeing very paranoid with
> non-free software...)

You can create a png and then run png2gif

>>   - <PRE> sections are now rendered correctly in NS4 on linux
> another way to get this rendered correctly would be to add div tags around
> the pre section (instead of definig a style for pre). Problem is, to do this
> here, we'd need to modify some POD:: module (I think), so it isn't an issue
> I guess.

I'd rather not.

>>I've tried the new look-n-feel as presented by Thomas. Plus I've tried 
>>to en-box the items on the left with minimal HTML (one table). If it's 
>>not cool, it's very easy to change things back. just remove the html 
>>from box_wrap template.
> the table is OK for me.
> But if you use a table, we could make the menu somewhat fancier by adding
> borders or some bullets ...

sure, please send the patches!

>>Also added the titles to the boxes on the left. Feel free to improve the 
> The headline-color look quite the same as the background color to me. I'll
> try some other colors.

I know, that was a quick hack. I'm not sure what color to use. I wasn't 
sure that this is the bg image/color that we are going to use.

BTW, in the menu, do we want to have it as it's now, or may be use only 
lowercase for items? i'm starting to like all lowercase ;)

>>If this design is accepted, I'd like to change the right context box not 
>>to be a box. But to take whatever is needed to the right. Try this URI:
> Hm. You cannot put it /not/ in a box when using CSS. Well, actually you can,
> as I just tried out:
> div.rightbox {
>    margin-left:190px;
> }
> But still the pre-background won't go as far as it should but stop some
> pixels left of the browser border, causing the text to flow over...

:( So no solution for that?

Also need ideas on how to solve the NS4 crash. Hint: it crashes on the 
ads section. First of all it won't render the rest of the page if you 
put a little into that last ad box, but if you put all three books it 
goes down.

Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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