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From allan <>
Subject Re: more and less
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 02:41:16 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:
> > sorry for beeing ignorant, but why do we in fact offer the
> > src-download option?
> for example if you want to send me a patch for some doc. You need a pod
> for this, not the html version. And not all users know how to get the
> cvs version. At least they need to bother less to get started.
> > i thought jonathan had something up his sleeve with regard to
> > icons (and logo).
> > in the meantime, please find enclosed a pod.gif for viewing
> > pleasure :-)
> neat :) but it's too big relative to the pdf image (I guess we can scale
> it down), 

in fact im not sure i agree on that (for once) - have you
tried to scale it up? i just did here - it looks quite
alright to me. see attached photoshoped gif

> Of course we can use a different image for each source format, but I
> think one universal image will do.

so we will not come in a situation where we have
pdf|pod|html for instance? (then we should have various
images for "src" i think)

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