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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: finding a common ground
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 04:17:36 GMT

> Before we continue to develop two quite differnet desings, I'd suggest to
> take a small stop in further designing, to decide on some basic ideas.

Yup, we somewhat talked about it already and saw a clear conflict 
between correctness and fancy.

I've already suggested the idea of having two sites. And it's possible 
that we need to merge the second site with or just leave it 
the functionality of advocacy. I don't know.

So we are left with the documentation, which we want to be easily 
accessible and navigateable.

In any case let's take a spoon at a time. Finish the correct design and 
put it in productin (i.e. replace with the new content).

> It seems to me that the site is mostly used by techies, who don't really
> care about fancy desings, nice buttons etc, but for fast and easy access to
> the stuff they want (that's at least true for me)


> So, my conclusion:
> While I find Allan's design very nice and cool, I think it doesn't mix to
> well with a target group of techies; or, maybe better said: it provides a
> very nice look, that nobody asks for.
> I suggest using a simpler, basic desing, without all those fancy lines and
> boxes, thats still nice-looking and working on all browsers.
> I think my last design
> reaches this goal quite good from the HTML-CSS view, while it can definitly
> be made better with regards to colors, headings, widgets...
> What do you think? I only would like to stop working in two more or less
> different directions. 


I vote for not trying to workaround for buggy browsers (unless the 
workarounds are very simple and don't break standards).

> I've just had another sort of interesting idea:
> What about splitting the site in two parts, each with it's own URL.
> stays what it is now (stuff for the techie)
> another page (maybe whoever owns can be persuaded to donate the
> URL) get the "advocacy site". We could make a really goodlooking design
> (like Allans) for this site, targeted at non-techies and to convice them
> that mod_perl is the best platform for webbased apps.

It's another big issue I'm not sure we want to start talking about now. 
Should this be a static advocacy site, or a dynamic one? By static I 
mean, that the site doesn't change much. But if it's a dynamic one who 
is going to maintain it.

In any case, we will need someone to take the lead on this project.

Then if we do make a separate site, we could merge the two of them back 
together (the DocSet can already handle different templates for 
different parts of the site)

> The content of both sites could be generated with DocSet, it could even be
> (partly) shared. Maybe the advocacy site will need some more content writing
> (will be hard to fing someone to do this...).


So Allan, what do you think? We need to integrate parts of your new 
design, without adding the tables stuff. Things like search/download 
widgets, try to use a lighter bg maybe, changing the <hX> ala Allan maybe.

Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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