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From allan <>
Subject Re: a new design from Allan
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 13:21:10 GMT

Thomas Klausner wrote:

> I like Picture_2.gif better, because in Picrure_3 the download widget
> looks a little bit lost.
> Why is the prev/next widget above the title?
> I think it fits better where it was before.

i cannot decide myself - the nice thing about it up there is
that it is "static" - you dont need to move your
pointer vertically to click a next or previous page.
> How about using the TOC/Search bar as in Picture_3, but aligning
> the download wiget to the left, and putting the Prev/next widget where the
> download widget was, like so:
> breadcrumb
> title
> downlowd     prev/next
> TOC          search

have tried that but prefer
breadcrumb            prev/next
TOC                   search

i will try and mail a version of both during weekend

> I think the yellow background might be to light to show on systems with
> not enough colors or LCD displays. At least I couldn't see it on my laptop
> but here in the office I can see the color using a standard monitor.

i agree. 

> BTW, I won't be able to /do/ anyting until the evening (BTW, I'm in CET
> (Vienna, Austria, that is), where are you guys located, anyway?), because
> I should get some work done. D'oh.

i am in hue (viet nam) => slow/random connections and random
electricty :)


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