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From allan <>
Subject Re: a new design from Allan
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 08:19:51 GMT
hi again

please find with this mail two attached gifs (i cannot ftp,
sorry). please see if you like the _idea_ within with regard
to the toolbar items

Stas Bekman wrote:
> Allan,
> > as usual thanks for the comments. you are very hard to
> > please, but that is great in a way because then im sure you
> > dont want a mediocre site!
> Ouch, I feel like a customer that wants to be pleased :) I'm not. :)

thats not what i meant at all but i guess i do want you to
feel pleased at some point :)

> Well I'm used to read right-to-left too (hebrew) so a right aligned menu
> is fine with me too :), but I don't know any language that starts from
> the middle :)

he he, thats a very good point. me neither.
but if you imagine that the menu was a set of graphic
elemnets representing their contents and hence there was no
text (language) inside of the menu would you then agree that
you might want those graphics centered. im trying (baldy) to
explain that i look at things sort of with "design"-eyes (ie
i look for what looks, well, cool) where you are more
looking for what is "pleasing" or natural for the eyes.
desingers in general can be quite pathetic and overlooking
common sense sometimes and maybe im in that position now.
anyway, left aligned it is.

> > btw, this background yellow color of the content can you now
> > actually see it on your screen or should i try a darker color?
> Nope, my LCD doesn't show it. I didn't know there was a bg color. How
> about using some neutral darkish green color? I think it can be healthy
> for the eyes, not sure if it fits though.

that is so annoying (that people cant see a particular
color). it wasnt really a fantastic color but (if visible)
it clearly lightens up the site IMO. im looking for some
mint ...
> >>>6)
> >>>the footer is now similar to the breadcrumb/header-bar. i
> >>>need to implemet the tail just above this footer (the one
> >>>with the tt-logo and html-valid-logos etc)
> >>>
> >>Hmm, you go for symmetry, it probably doesn't worse the effort since
> >>most of the pages are very long so you will never notice the symmetry.
> >>Also now you have to add another element -- the tail.
> >>
> >
> > well if you look at small content-pages it looks brilliant
> > if i may so and it is only 35 pixels or so and we will have
> > to a
> > tail/footer anyway.
> I agree, but what I don't like it that because of setting these
> constraints some irrelevant parts start to act as important. Look at
> this tail. Is 'ORA copyright note' is an important part? It should be
> there in a very small letters and hardly be seen, definitely not the way
> it's now.

i absolutely agree.

> I still don't understand what do you mean. Is it good, bad? 

to me bad but i thought that we decided to have _all_ the
books on _all_ pages, no?

> Also notice that in
> CVS I've changed the images to smaller ones.


> I hope other people will chime in with their comments as they find time,
> so it won't sound like Allan is trying to please me as I tend to provide
> a bunch of negative (hopefuly constructive) comments :)

and i certainly hope that people dont think that i am trying
to please _only_ stas. 
please, everyone on this list, constructive feedback is
extremely useful and welcome. 
as long as anyone has a good and valid argument for wanting
so and so i think we should follow that road.

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