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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: a new design from Allan
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 19:22:02 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

> Allan has troubles again with Internet connectivity, so here is his new 
> design and comments:
> ------------------------------------------------
> From: allan <>
> what is new?
> maybe too much, but it still resembles thomas' original
> design and ideas i think.

Yup, seems to be a little bit overdesigned :)

The split logo is probably a bad idea :)

I think I liked most of the previous version of yours more, but it's 
hard to tell since there are many changes.

One of the things that strike are the bold font in the <pre> sections. 
it distructs from the rest of the content I think. It should look 
different I think but not that different :)

Nice titles h1-h4

Nice TOC section's white spacing, but may look weird on long TOC 
listings with no children items.

> 1)
> there is a complete new top located for a possible future
> logo of
> some similar sort as the one shown.
> this is nice because it seperates logo(s) from everything
> else and as a side-effect it aligns the top of the header
> with the top of the menu.

but steals from the vertical space => more scrolling on short pages.


> 2)
> the menu is the same but the text is left-aligned
> (i still prefer centered. i agree with your arguments for
> left-aligness but my eyes like the centered version, it sort
> of makes the left-area more at home on the page, now it is a
> little bit like it want to go out of the page (to the left)).

it's because you are used to it :) I really think so.


> 3)
> the breadcrumb and header are now more integrated into each
> other, i think i like it but maybe its "overdesigned"? nah,
> i think it
> peps up some of all the docu-stuff on our pages. i mean it
> quite "dry" material we are working with.

I was actully thinking to do it the other way around. Move the prev|next 
bar above the title and move the page title closer to the the 'table of 
contents'. Any reason for trying to stick these together? They don't 
belong to each other.

> 4)
> then there is located some whitespace area for
> search   pdf|src  prev|up|next
> search and prev|up|next are done as widgets (so all inline
> naviagtion looks similar) and pdf|src are just gifs/text
> currently which also looks quite good to me.



> 5)
> the words "Table of Contents" now clearly acts as a starting
> point for the content which itself is now colored (very
> light yellow) and boxed.
> on index-pages the "teaser"-text is unboxed. i kinda like
> that, but it could easily be implemented into the yellow box-area.

I think that the title is the beginning of the content.

> 6)
> the footer is now similar to the breadcrumb/header-bar. i
> need to implemet the tail just above this footer (the one
> with the tt-logo and html-valid-logos etc)

Hmm, you go for symmetry, it probably doesn't worse the effort since 
most of the pages are very long so you will never notice the symmetry. 
Also now you have to add another element -- the tail.

> - more ads/books need implemented

what do you mean?

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