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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject new functionality added
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 18:41:10 GMT
While you guys were working hard on the design of the new site I've 
added a few more functions to the site/DocSet. I've just released 
DocSet-0.09 here:
I've also synced its version with the one distributed with modperl-docs 
cvs rep.

Here is the new version of the site:


- a bunch of problems fixed (like, highlighted 'Documentation' on the 
entrance page)

- added 'stitle' attribute that is used in menu and bread-crumb, in 
addition to the normal long 'title' (templates adjusted) I've used it so 
far only in src/config.cfg and src/stats/config.cfg. So the homepage 
title problem is solved now.

- the docset descriptions are presented on the index pages now

- the pod files now can provide their descriptions for the index pages 
automagically (via =head1 DESCRIPTION section), e.g. see:

- now every document has a PDF version (before that there were only 
pdf's of the docsets), so now you can download a pdf of a single 
document or the whole set as one doc.

- finally I've added a scan for PDF and SOURCE files, I'm gzipping them. 
I haven't used any of the nice pdf widgets yet, just a crude text.

   The downside is that now a gzipped version of the release, is 5.6MB! 
I couldn't build it on yet, since it doesn't have 
ps2pdf, so I had to upload it from my machine to show you the demo.

- TOC is showing up now under every <hX> not only <h1>.

- using a more portable page modification timestamp e.g. is 01/03 Jan 3 
or Mar 1?

- perfect the modification control, now only if at least one of the
   items in the docset (chapters, files, docsets, config file) was
   modified the docset will be rebuilt, otherwise it'll be skipped,
   making the partial rebuild/updates much faster.

==> this should make the work with DocSet a much nicer experience

Also notice that docset supports hidden documents. e.g. we have:

which is processed normally and once reached user can proceed like from 
any normal page. But there is not a single page that links to 404.html, 
as it's used for broken links. You can hide a complete tree and still 
have it linking to the rest of the site.

and of course you can link to an existing objects that shouldn't be 
processed, e.g. if you need to drop in a PDF doc, which you don't have a 
POD/HTML source too.

Comments are welcome.

Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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