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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: more noise, but less confined
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 16:55:32 GMT
allan wrote:

> hello
> i have uploaded yet a design (one page) for
> inspiration/comments, where some of the recent comments has
> been included.

very nice!

NS4.79    +0.9  (the borders are still missing)
konqueror +0.99 (the scrollbar bug is there)
opera     +1
lynx      +0.9
links     +1

in lynx the menu is stuck with breadcrumb and the rest, need to do some 
new lines. (<p>?) also need to do the same before TOP. (lynx is the text 

Thomas has already mentioned that mozilla/0.9.7 linux is fine.

All the features are cool (snipped), but these:

> - body bgcolor is white (a very light gray might work)

 > - no borders around content box and generally more white space

this page design looses the focus of the content box. If you put the 
older design and this one next to each other, you will probably see that 
the older one is easier to read.

In fact when I first saw your new design, I didn't like it at all, now I 
realize that this was because I felt lost in the page. Now I see that 
it's good, but the content box and contrasting bg are definitely making 
the pages harder to read.

Take a simple usability test and let someone who is not working on this 
design to judge, even a non-computer person will do. It's even a better 
choice. My hunch is that the older design will win. But do try the test.

> - menu-text centered (this looks strangely enough better IMO)

I think this is not user-friendly. An English speaking person's eye is 
accustomed to read left to right, so by centralizing the menu you create 
an obstacle.

> - a dead download widget suggestion, sort of

This steals too much of the vertical space. I think that trying to put the 

download widget in the same line with prev|next is a better idea. Also 
remember that we will have a search link (which will take users directly 
to the search of the current doc). So I believe that packing these into 
one widget with big spaces between will make a great navigation function.

[pdf|src]         [search]         [prev|up|next]

to end my criticism...Great work, Allan!
Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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