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From allan <>
Subject more noise, but less confined
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 14:32:55 GMT

i have uploaded yet a design (one page) for
inspiration/comments, where some of the recent comments has
been included.

these are new/old ideas/feats:

- no html tables
- html 100% valid as per W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional
- css 100% valid (i think)
- all fonts are relative using ems (all fonts are also now
rather small)
- base font is verdana
- body bgcolor is white (a very light gray might work)
- no horizontal scrollbar
- optimized for min. 800x600 resolution
- no borders around content box and generally more white space
- menu-text centered (this looks strangely enough better IMO)
- a dead download widget suggestion, sort of
- link colors kept ASF

because the fonts are now relative, things might/will look
very different on different set-ups. please try and change
browser font-sizes to see for yourself if things look huge
or way too small.

browser summary:
- ns6.2 (mac)                 +1
- ie5 (mac)                   +1
- opera 5+ (mac)              +1
- ns4+ (mac)                  +1 (apart from commode menu)
- useable without stylesheets +1


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