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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: good news!
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 03:19:19 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:

> At 10:56 AM 01/21/02 +0800, you wrote:
>>>I still think the bread crumb doesn't need to be such a prominent feature.
>>>Why not just a contrasting text color (light blue on the dark blue
>>>background) and a smaller font?
>>That will break the physics of the page. The bg is water, the content 
>>boxes are islands. You cannot put builiding into the water :) You see 
>>what I mean? The moment you start using bg for other things, it doesn't 
>>serve as a contrasting medium anymore. If you try it by yourself, you'll 
>>see what I mean.
> Don't letters float?  Not even the lower case ones?  Ok, I'll try as I
> don't see what you mean.  What you are saying sounds way restrictive.

it's not restrictive, it's just the space gut feeling :) See for 
yourself and tell me if I'm wrong. This reminds me of the warnings 
written at the bottom of the swimming pool, which are vaguely seen 
through the water.

>>>Is a "Home" link in the menu not necessary since the logo is a home link?
>>>I guess it's in the bread crumb, but if you wanted a complete menu it might
>>>be nice there.  Minor issue, I do remember looking at that menu wondering
>>>how to get back to the home page.  (And maybe it only needs to display on
>>>pages != home page.)
>>I don't think so. Logo is not a navigation widget, it just happen to be 
>>linked to the home page, it's very not obvious that it does. Why does 
>>'Home' bother you? You want a different name?
> I'm talking about the side bar menu, not the bread crumb.  The main menu
> doesn't have a home link.  Granted that there's the bread crumb (and the
> logo), which is fine, but my first impression on the site was "there's the
> menu, but where's the home link?"

Oops, I'm still drinking my morning coffee, so I've completely misread 
your comment, sorry. You've a valid argument. May be we need to add a 
title to the menu, and link it to the root? How other sites do that?

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