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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject a new design from Allan
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 16:14:35 GMT
Allan has sent me his new design's source in private because he has 
problems with connectivity, so I've rendered it for him and placed here:

My comments to Allan's email are below.

 >>let's see what you've got so I can correlate your comments to the real
 > should be all here, attached as
 > (how do you tar, isnt it just like: $ tar -c somedir ?)

ok, but getting the patch to the cvs version will be match better. It's
as simple as doing:

cvs diff > patch

if you didn't add any new files. It's very easy to do most of the things 
with cvs.

 > btw the introducion of the cbox <div> to fix the invisible
 > bottomline of the main content box has introduced another
 > problem at the top in netscape 4+

please send the problem (snapshot?) to the list if possible. Thanks!

 >>>1) a new logo (this is just because i never liked the
 >>>original - i am not a graphic artist).

neither do I :)

but I do like the current logo. :)

 >>>2) the menu area is slightly wider, but also different
 >>>looking. i know that you, (thomas), disagree on this one but
 >>>like i told
 >>>you (thomas) i really think this one is cool.

why wider is better?

 >>>3) the breadcrumb does not have a background color - i
 >>>cannot tell why but i think it sits very harmonic like that.
 >>>4) the boxes (content and menu and ad) colors are black.


 >>>5) i have kept my original prev|up|next widget but this time
 >>>it is litterally with those three words. besides it is more narrow
 >>>and right-aligned and more or less fixed, which is convient
 >>>when navigating.


 >>>6) on index-pages i have nicked the right-arrow to subsitute
 >>>a bullet to sort of keep a look & feel

I like it.

 >>>7) pages with table of contents still have a bullet next to
 >>>the lines.

that's good.

 >>>8) the download "widget" probably should be an image for
 >>>cross-browser reasons (now it
 >>>is positioned <div>-tags). i have centered it for whitespace
 >>>reasons. i dont have any strong opnion on this at the moment
 >>>but it looks okay to me in this form .

it shouldn't stick out though, it's a helper widget, not the point 
everybody should concentrate on.

 >>>9) the tail (or footer) contains currently only an old
 >>>mod_perl logo and the tt-logo and the last modified stuff in
 >>>a bar. i dont want to "advertise" for valid 4.0 html and
 >>>css. (not all our pages can currently be guaranteed valid
 >>>always). i do obviously think we should try and get the most
 >>>correct html/css whenever possible.

no, we will have all our pages validated and fixed before the release.

 >>>10) changed Home to "mod_perl home" (we definetely should
 >>>have another title for the fromtpage i think)

I'll fix this functionality.

 >>>a) the designs is filled with html-tables, sorry but i dont see
 >>>another way and i dont want to compromise good looks because
 >>>of sad browsers.
 >>>b) also a few gifs, im not sure if we decided to not use
 >>>this format?

I think yes, since we cannot use png's yet.

 >>>c) the base font is verdana fixed at 11px
 >>>working and looking fine (to me) on:
 >>>macintosh 9.2 netscape 4.79
 >>>macintosh 9.2 netscape 6.2
 >>>macintosh 9.2 internet explorer 5.0
 >>>macintosh 9.2 opera 5.0
 >>>macintosh 9.2 icab (not good because of bad/no support for stylesheets)
 >>>macintosh osX internet explorer 5.1
 >>>windows 98 internet explorer 5.0
 >>>i have some minor troubles unfixable from where i sit:
 >>>the toc-bar at /products/products.html will not go to a 100% width.
 >>>there is a general tranalation problem at least at 


Stas Bekman             JAm_pH      --   Just Another mod_perl Hacker      mod_perl Guide

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