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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject sub-sections for searching
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 20:45:14 GMT
I'm looking for a way to index sections individually.   What I'd like to do
is take a document, grab the <head> section, then combine it with each
section and index as if each one was it's own page.

Could we add a <div> for each section?

That is in the page_body template:

   # render the content
    "<!-- SwishCommand index -->";
    FOREACH sec = doc.body;
        '<div class="section">'
        IF loop.count == loop.size;
            INCLUDE navbar_local_bottom
            INCLUDE top_link;
    "<!-- SwishCommand noindex -->";

The idea is then I could probably use HTML::TreeBuilder and grab each
section one-by-one, combine with the <head> for the entire page, and index

I could also simply use a regex to split up the page, but TreeBuilder might
be more fun.

Anyway, would that <div> mess up formatting?
Bill Moseley

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