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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: yet another site's version
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 18:14:11 GMT
At 01:37 AM 01/31/02 +0800, Stas Bekman wrote:
>OK here is the new site
>based on DocSet-0.10:

Stas, is that DocSet needed in addition to what in the modperl-docs cvs?

I like that design.  

>Unfortunately once I've added the table wrap to the ads, Netscape 4.79 
>started crushing with 'Bus Error' :( It works OK with one ad, but with 3 
>it crashes. Any ideas why?

And rendering is not a problem in NS4.0x;  it simply crashes, too!

Are you willing to do two sites, and rewrite URLs based on client?  e.g.
"downgrade" to tables for 4.x clients?

>Also I cannot figure out why the same box with ads, doesn't get aligned 
>as boxes on the top. It's shifted left.

You are not using tables? ;)

>If this design is accepted, I'd like to change the right context box not 
>to be a box. But to take whatever is needed to the right. Try this URI:
>now shrink the page's width and scroll a bit down to the long <PRE> 
>sections. You will see that it slides over the box. If there was no box, 
>it'll look normal.

Not sure I follow.  What I do notice is that the prev|up|next widget if off
the page to the right.  Is there a solution other than a fixed width table
or javascript, that would still allow <pre> to stay wide, yet have the
navigation widget be on the upper right of the window?

Bill Moseley

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