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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: next try
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 03:33:04 GMT
At 09:30 AM 01/28/02 +0800, allan wrote:
>> How about > instead of / for the breadcrumb?
>actually i did that for my entry in the competion but now i
>prefer the slash version as this really indicates a path (a
>least on *nix) which is what a breadcrumb is in our case.

Just an opinion.

I just changed div.navbarglobal back ground to match the body background.
Try that, as I think the bread crumb doesn't need to stand out that much
(in its own white-bg bar).  I like a more subtle bread-crumb, plus it makes
the content box stand out more.

Those errors that were removed from the menu?  For the selected menu item
would it be nice to have an error on the right side pointing to the content?

Back to the bread crumb.  Take a look around at a few sites.  They seem to
put the current page as the last of the bread crumb.  It's a bit silly to
have a link to the current page, but I think that's more common.  Just
something to consider.
Bill Moseley

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