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From Bill Moseley <>
Subject Re: good news!
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 00:11:29 GMT
At 11:15 PM 01/20/02 +0100, Thomas Klausner wrote:
>I did some testing with NS 4 this weekend and I think I found a CSS-only
>design that's sort of good-looking /and/ working in NS4 (WinME), IE 5.5
>(WinME), Mozilla (Linux) and Opera (Linux).
>Please check with other browser/OS:

Wow, and you didn't even use the @import url(foo.css) trick?

Good work! get's messed up
in 4.08, but a lot closer., too.

>Things I did:
>* Changed the main navbar: droped the boxes, used arrows instead

>Some unresolved (unresolvable) issues:
>* Font sizes: IE renders fonts bigger. Period. The only thing you can do
>about it is specifiy the fonts absolute values, which is not userfriendly.

How come the menu text is the same in both IE and NS, but not the content?

I still think the bread crumb doesn't need to be such a prominent feature.
Why not just a contrasting text color (light blue on the dark blue
background) and a smaller font?

Is a "Home" link in the menu not necessary since the logo is a home link?
I guess it's in the bread crumb, but if you wanted a complete menu it might
be nice there.  Minor issue, I do remember looking at that menu wondering
how to get back to the home page.  (And maybe it only needs to display on
pages != home page.)

Stas, I wonder if the bottom navigation and "Top" can be suppressed for
very small content.  Looks kind of silly for really small pages.


Bill Moseley

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